Join the Global Sales Leaders Network

And conquer Revenue Uncertainty together - starting mid June 2021

About the Sales Leader Network

The Sales Leader Network is a year-round continuous online workstream for B2B Sales leaders from around the world who want to create a meaningful impact, level up, and lead.

Together we define what it means to be remarkable at conquering Revenue Uncertainty.

Because doing so we can each take our business and personal growth to higher performance levels.

The opportunity we have to get a group of people together from different backgrounds, with different experiences, all bringing incredible value, and to be able to tap into that network and be able to help each other solve problems, and learn, I think is an opportunity that is amazing.

Tim Wetmore, Head of Sales Operations, WorkForce Sofware

This is how the program is delivered?

Through a structured program of 12 monthly themes, we bring together our combined brainpower in a focused way.

Through weekly mastermind sessions where we address specific challenges together and remove the barriers that hold you back

Through exclusive private groups to brainstorm and discuss your challenges with your like-minded peers in a safe and confidential environment.

Who's eligible to join?

This is for you if you are a CRO or Head /VP of Sales/Sales Operations working for a B2B Tech business. 

You’re a change-maker, open to new approaches and methods

You value operational excellence and strategic alignment

The company you work for runs on Salesforce and has +250 employees.

What problems are we solving together?

The never-ending battle to increase performance - individually and business-wise

The challenge of too long sales cycles, poor win-rates, and low deal values.

The head-aches around building winning teams, alignment, and managing diverse & remote teams

What price will I pay?

The Sales Leadership Network is charged as follows:

The first 4 weeks of our program will be free of charge to allow you to experience the value before you officially sign up. 

How is the program different to help me make a difference?

It's structured around Monthly themes and weekly challenges dedicated to solving the sales performance challenges of B2B Tech businesses together with peers.

It's all designed to explore new paths and formulate better strategies to accelerate your trajectory.

Peer feedback led - People with different experiences will help you short-cut mistakes, remove your blind-spots, sharpen your thinking. 

In short: Things that books, courses, coaches, or even your subordinates won't easily give you. 

This approach will help you level up together with like-minded peers and enable you to make big steps forward together in advancing your cause. 


William Green
Senior Vice President, North American Sales
at Descartes Systems Group


Joy Sayers
Executive Leader - Master Networker - Strategic Thinker
Change Agent - Results Creator


Tim Wetmore
Head Of Sales Operations
WorkForce Software

What's included in my membership?

Full access to the Sales-Leaders Workstream: Monthly Themes & Weekly challenges

Full access to the community, it's content, summaries, and discussions

Access to a live meeting flow: 

  • A weekly mastermind around the Weekly Prompt (Zoom)
  • Quarterly Social event: Speed connecting with like-minded peers

Dedicated access to your hosts - guiding you and connecting you to other members